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Zeba International & Yasser International are one of the leading leather manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of finished leather and leather products in Chennai with more than 25 years of experience. Quality and customer service is our main motto. We specialise in Premium Finished leather for Shoe Upper, Lining, Garment Nappa and leather goods. We are also exporting our leather and products Globally. We have excelled in our leather and leather products, and our buyers appreciate our services offered. In order to have a sound infrastructure, a Company should be equipped with Modern Know-How, should have Organizational Strength, keep track of the changing tastes of the World Leather Market and have the capacity of fulfilling it's requirement. The strength of Zeba & Yasser International is it's good Infrastructure and it's belief in Customer satisfaction as top priority and quality control policy. Being located in Leather Hub of Chennai, India, one of the major suppliers of Leather & Leather goods to the World Market, being equipped with the latest Machineries, abundant supply of Raw Materials, Skilled Workers, regular Market Survey and control over quality, Zeba International & Yasser International has overcome all the obstacles in the way and blossomed to become one of the major suppliers of Quality Finished Leather and Leather Goods of innovative designs to the World today.

We are dedicated in providing the International market with the most comprehensive and highest quality range of natural leathers for upper. The tanneries represented in the Contemporary Leather Collection are at the leading edge of technological innovation. We maintain the highest international standards in the production of our leathers and are constantly researching, in consultation with the customers, the latest in leather trends and colours. Our tanneries have been carefully chosen for the quality of its products, services and its commitment towards the environment. Only the best origins are offered, taking into account grain quality, preservation, and hide take-off. The majority of hides sourced come from the best sources available. Only the best product is offered. To work closely with our customers and partners to ensure a quality source of leathers for their manufacturing requirements. Localized sourcing provide quality customer support Globally to ensure that our customer's requirements are being met locally. Localized service and support. Our goal is to exceed your expectations for quality and service. We understand that a commitment to a strong policy begins with leadership at the top of an organization.

About Us

Zeba International and Yasser International

  • Quality
    We follow stringent quality control norms at each stage of production to ensure that we offer the best available products to our clients. We have in-house testing facilities, which checks and counter checks each finished piece to satisfy that our products are in confirmation with international standards. Our products are free from AZO DYES, PCP, TBT AND Chromium VI, Cadium is less than 3 PPM and formaldehyde is less than 75 PPM in complaince with the law of the E.U.
  • Infrastructure
    With a well equipped tannery we possess state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Our team consists of highly qualified leather experts with wide marketing experience. We have sophisticated machinary needed to give perfect finish to our leathers. We are capable of producing in large volume's to meet the ever increasing market demands. Our tannery production capacity is 4 to 5 lakhs square feet per month.
  • Customer Satisfication
    Our customer, acts as a pivot for our company around whom all activities of the company revolve. We strive hard to achieve the highest level of customers satisfaction and we try to do this by continual improvisation of our products and services. Our continual thirst to broaden our horizon has enabled us to cater clients from across the globe. We, further look forward to include new names in our client list by entering into business deals with entrepreneurs from across the globe.
  • Profile
    With a firm determination to deliver high quality products to our clients we ventured into the world of leathers 25 years back. With a humble beginning we have grown strength to strength and curved a niche of excellence in the marketplace. Our sincere efforts and high level of commitment towards work has brought us close to the threshold of success, in a short span of time. Appropriate investment in materials, plant, equipments, and employees has enabled us to produce a quality product at competitive prices delivered in a timely manner.

About Tannery

Commitment To Excel

Highly Qualified Engineers, technicians and administrative managers work towards one goal unitedly: Quality. Several leathers developed by Zeba International and Yasser International are the obvious choice of trend setting brands across the world. To keep pace with the ever changing needs of the industry, the company constantly sources global expertise. Essentially, it is a commitment that has translated exceptionally into the success story that Zeba International & Yasser International is today.

Our Products

Our product and goal is to exceed your expectations for quality and service. We understand that a commitment to a strong policy begins with leadership at the top of an organization. Therefore, our affairs will be given broad-based responsibility to ensure adherence to these principles throughout our system. Our sincere efforts and high level of commitment towards work have brought us close to the threshold of success, in a short span of time

Our Clients

Zeba International & Yasser International has a following dedicated clients globally

Asia - China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Combodia

Europe - Spain, Italy, France, UK.

Commitment to clients

Zeba International & Yasser International strives to conduct its business ethically, safely and wish our many stakeholders interests in mind. In this age of global competition it is necessary for a company to establish its traditions towards learning, continous performance improvement, reactive marketing, analytical research, conceptual management and behavioural services. With hardwork, we are trying our best to achieve our goals and successfully attaining our targets. The present age is the most challenging era which involves survival of nations through attainment of excellence in the modern knowledge based on technological advancement.

Our Policy

1. We shall provide our customers products and service that represent value to them, on time, every time.

2. Strive for continuous improvement aimed at market leadership and to be the "Supplier of Choice" to our customer.

3. Be responsible for the well-being and growth of our employees and obligations to society.

4. Ensure ethical business practices at all times while pursuing profitability for the organization.

5. Determining and fulfilling the customers' requirements with the aim of enhancing their satisfaction.

6. Identifying and complying to the statutory and regulatory requirements in relevance to the products.

7. Identifying and providing required resources in timely manner.

8. Ensuring the supply of raw materials supplies as per the required specifications from suppliers.

9. Delivering the quality products consistently at the right place, right time and at the right price.

10. Training all employees to make them aware of the impact of their work in achieving the quality product and company's objectives.

11. Establishing and maintaining an effective communication system, enabling the Customer/Suppliers to reach us conveniently and quickly.

12. Ensuring continual improvement of the products, processes and quality management system.

Our Zeba Team

Syed Nizamuddin

Founder & Director Managing

Syed Naseeruddin Shahbaz


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Contact: +91 9884326601
Telephone: +91-44-42114292

Email: info@zebaintl.com
Website: www.zebaintl.com
Contact Email: nizam@zebaintl.com

Office: No. 118/10, 1st Floor, Vepery High Road, Periamet, Chennai-600 003
Tannery: No. 1/203, P J Nehru Road, Valayampet, Vaniyambadi-635 751

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